A Home is an Investment since it is one of the single largest and emotional purchases you will make in your life. My personal philosophy is that a home should always be viewed as an INVESTMENT as opposed to place you just hang your hat. My proven investment system whether Buying, Selling or Staying in your home has helped many individuals create real estate wealth whether they were a first time buyer, a move-up buyer or a sophisticated investor. 



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My 20 Tree Pledge is a small way of making a difference to my clients, the communities we live in and the environment. Most of us are aware of the climate changes According to Carbon Credit Canada, the average North American household emits 20 tons of CO2 every year.  If one tree can absorb 1 ton of CO2 over its lifetime, my 20 Tree Pledge is a great starting point to helping reduce our environmental footprint. To learn more about my 20 Tree Pledge, click here.